About Us

Assisttree is an emerging Virtual Employee and Outsourcing company. Crafted and Nurtured by young and dynamic business leaders, Assisttree has a focussed spirit and a lofty objective: to Empower Start ups, Single Entrepreneurs, SMB’s/SME’s and provide ultimate cost efficient and budget-friendly solutions. We have dedicated a lot of knowledge, time, and perseverance to create this unique model.

Company Profile

The state of the art infrastructure selected is both scalable and flexible to provide services for small to corporate sized enterprises. It has a distinct location advantage by being Headquartered in Delaware and having Delivery Centre in Gurgaon-India. It also has offices in the United Kingdom as well as in Australia. We specialize in providing Virtual Assistance Services like Backend Business Support, IT Services, Administrative Tasks and Virtual/Remote Employee Services, mainly to busy entrepreneurs and business owners.

Our VA’s are trained to handle needs of global clients. We have chosen seasoned VA professionals to meet all your requirements.

We provide wide array of services under one roof and serve various industries like Real Estate, Travel, Human Resources, Business Process Outsourcing and Information Technology. We can surely add value and help you grow your business and elevate success.

Following the words of Azim Premji who rightly said “The important thing about outsourcing or global sourcing is that it becomes a very powerful tool to leverage talent, improve productivity and reduce work cycles,” we wish to enable all to use this tool.

We are definitely not limited to a list of services; nevertheless here is a sneak peak of few tasks that our VA’s can perform for you.

  • Administrative Tasks
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Management
  • Book Keeping / Accounting
  • Calendar Management
  • Website/ App Development
  • IT Support
  • Virtual Dedicated employee (we will Provide you employee according to the requirement)
  • We strongly believe that smart delegation is the ideal step towards a sustainable growth of the businesses.

    Flexible, Reliable, & Easy to Use


    To make outsourcing available to all single entrepreneurs, small/medium businesses and busy individuals.

    Our Mission

    To enable individuals or organizations optimise their time by freeing them up from routine or non-core tasks with our personalized and customized Virtual Assistant services.


    – Integrity – Commitment – Consistency – Proactiveness – Vigilance – Adaptability – Always Strive for Excellence

    Assisttree values are instilled in all our VAs, who display commitment through sincerity, integrity and accountability in all their actions.