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Pushing paperwork all day long? Is your business struggling because you don’t have the time for even the smallest of details? Managing payroll and time-sheets, travel arrangements, data entry, typing or even email and social media management is not easy, when there are only 24 hours in a day. Scheduling appointments, meetings and conferences requires a flair for coordination and an amazing sense of timing. This is why Assisttree can be the solution your business needs. Get critical support for all your business administration tasks and streamline your business operations.

When you need dedicated and steady administration and completion of scheduling or data entry tasks, think of Assisttree and you can get the job done in next to no time. From managing your CRM to booking your appointments, there’s no task Assisttree is not up to. Follow up with clients, manage your calendar and bring new efficiency into your office. Tap the synergies and leverage the strengths of the all rounder team at Assisttree, and make the transition to smooth, seamless and hassle-free operations. If you’re drowning in administrative tasks and paperwork, Assisttree is your lifeline.

We do all the administrative work you don’t want to, don’t have time to do or just lack the knowledge or skills needed to ace the job. Sales support, meetings, scheduling, web research, database management and even meeting and event coordination can be carried out by professionals, at Assisttree. So that you don’t have to lose out on your business commitments. Or your work-life balance either! Move all your administrative tasks from To-Do lists to Mission Accomplished – with Assisttree, even the most impossible task is just a challenge waiting to be overcome.

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When it comes to outsourcing administrative tasks, the benefits are tremendous. Outsourcing impacts the business in terms of bottom-lines, cost factor, profits and revenue-generation. The cost efficiency is the crucial factor for improving the company’s balance sheet. Now, outsourcing administrative tasks offer lower cost and quality services. LSE or London School of Economics found that 70% of the firms opt for outsourcing just to lower costs. Research by McKinsey found that companies not only get the advantage of low cost, but also experience improvement in quality and productivity. According to Forrester research, 88 percent of firms felt outsourcing yielded better value and 71 percent felt that outsourcing was the way to access quality solutions.

Apart from cost savings, ROI is another factor. McKinsey found that international US businesses saved 58 cents on every USD/dollar investment in outsourcing. Almost 90 percent of outsourcing agreements achieved over 25% ROI, according to a survey by Deloitte. Savings and access to skills are the key attractions for outsourcing key administrative tasks. Cost reduction is a big motivation. 56 percent of those surveyed said access to skills was also a driver for outsourcing the administrative tasks. Gaining competitive advantage and improving customer value were other benefits. In another Deloitte survey, 70% of survey respondents reported outsourcing yielded exceptional outcomes for their business.