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Our well-trained and experienced team helps you take your business to the next level with our quality approach. Our outsourcing practices cater to various verticals and industries like Banking, Travel & Hospitality, Financial & Insurance Services, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Healthcare, Customer Durable, IT Industry, and many others

Voice Process

Chat process

Email Process

Blended Process

Technical Support Executives

Back office Staff
Scheduling and managing meetings and appointments may seem simple at first glance, but it does take up a lot of time. Keep your calendar efficient and organized by hiring our talented VAs to meet all your scheduling requirements and needs.

Schedule meetings and conference calls

Manage your calendar and appointments

Cancel meetings or appointments and reschedule these for later

Send out invites to people for events, seminars, conferences and meetings

Make arrangements for conference calls and seminars

Sending out daily itineraries and items for action
IT Outsourcing
Outsourcing IT Services help reduce the risk of IT Failures.Our Expert will help you to Support and management of infrastructure-related services such as remote monitoring, security services, desktop and server administration, database administration.

IT Support Solution

Data Storage Solution

Technical Consulting

Network monitoring

Server support
Social Media
For generating solid leads, attracting the best demand for products and services, social media visibility online is critical and our VAs understand this. Choose our social media management virtual assistants to monitor, create and build your social profile and online presence.

Set up, modify and organize social networking and social media profiles

Build online visibility, track social media reviews and manage online reputation.

Proofread and edit social media posts as well as post the content on social media channels

Compile social media management tools using sophisticated analytics and platforms that are native

Generate progress reports and track social media presence

Monitor social media interactions for new followers, engagement, comment/shares/likes and messages plus notifications
Email Management
Managing a deluge of emails for work and professional purposes is a daily necessity. So is responding to these mails on time. Prioritize mails, sift through online messages and de-clutter your inbox using our VAs.

Clear up, sort, archive or delete unwanted or old emails

Respond to email messages, newsletters and notifications

Set up auto-responders or delay messages as per your convenience

Sort, de-clutter and manage your inbox on a daily basis

Manage your contact lists and schedule meetings on online calendar

Subscribe or unsubscribe from email notifications
Real Estate
Our Virtual Assistant can manage your listings, coordinate your transactions and even do market research for potential buyers, sellers, and investors for your properties, we possess the technical skills to manage your real estate tasks in order for you to focus on closing deals.

MLS Listing

Property Management

Real Estate Bookkeeping

Transaction Coordination

Database Management
Engineers & Architects
Quality Structural and Misc. Metal Steel Detailing company with TEKLA and AUTOCAD capabilities Let us help you meet your schedule by getting your structural and misc. metals, stair & rail detailing done in a timely, efficient, team approach and in your budget.

Autocad Expert

Structural steel detailing services

Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

Tekla Expert

The Virtual Employee Advantage

Disciplined, trained, established remote professionals, our virtual assistants are talented and leverage their tech skills to get all the jobs done. Achieve business and personal targets with ease...hire an AssistTree VA and know the difference.


International Exposure

Our VAs are trained to handle needs of global clients worldwide. We have chosen seasoned VA professionals to meet all your requirements. Managing clients effectively, AssistTree offers the ultimate cost-efficient and budget-friendly solution that actually works!


A Chance to Learn

Acquire the best expertise from our seasoned VAs and get your work done by a sincere and dedicated professional. Our well trained, talented, qualified and committed team of VAs provide the perfect opportunities for you to learn and leverage digital technologies and exceptional skills.


Work-Life Balance

There are only so many hours in a day and we can make a difference to our work-life balance only if we have the right support. Get back those lost hours and save precious time by hiring our virtual assistants to manage pressing business and personal requirements in record time.


Wide Experience

With the right credentials, qualifications and experience, AssistTree VAs are handpicked for their capacity to troubleshoot and think on their feet. No challenge is insurmountable for them. Give our VAs a chance to serve you and you’ll surely benefit from our seasoned, versatile and experienced team of professionals.

What Else Can Assisttree Help With:
Family Tasks
  • Look for the perfect birthday gift or wedding venue
  • Arrange for plumbers or house cleaners
  • Update your housekeeping staff
  • Handle family chores and errands
  • Locate the best schools
  • Research where to get school supplies
  • Help with purchases like clothes, shoes etc for kids
  • Assist in making projects, finishing school assignments or coordinating travel plans with kids.
Household Payments
  • Handling all your utility bills
  • Updating you about household expenses
  • Preparing an expense audit and cash flow analysis
  • Managing the household budget
  • Plan the family holiday
  • Arrange for house and pet care while the family is away
  • Book, cancel tickets or reservations
  • Reschedule trips such as family vacations, get togethers etc
Compare Prices and Products
  • Get quality pricing for the best products
  • Compare products across online stores
  • Make retail purchases on your behalf
  • Make informed retail decisions
Event Planning
  • Set up family outings and get-togethers
  • Issue invitations for house warming parties, anniversary dinners etc
  • Make arrangements such as booking the church for a wedding or a restaurant for a family dinner
  • Planning the event in advance and making all the catering arrangements

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