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Common Request

Kids/ Family Tasks

Nothing matters more than work-life balance, but if you’re rushed for time, it can take a toll on family time. Use our virtual assistance service to handle all those family tasks that get left behind in the rough and tumble of daily demands. If you have a requirement, we have the perfect VA for you.

Help With a Science Project?

I need a good topic for my son, Matt’s science project. He is in the fifth grade and we’re looking for a perfect theme for his biology project. Research the topics online and let me have a list of possible topics by EOD. Do remember to check with me about the range of topics and the best sites to refer to.

Selecting The Best Baby Carrier?

My niece Joanna is expecting twins. Can you get me the best baby carrier for twins, after comparing the options available online? We’re looking for a spacious and comfortable baby carrier from a good brand. Choose a durable and resilient piece. Bill it to my account with you and place the order, once I have approved it.

Buying a New Lawn Mower?

I am really pressed for time and have no time for purchasing a new garden mower. Compare the models available online and prepare a list of lawn mowers available with their specifications and technical details. It should be a cost-efficient bargain, so be sure to look for budget lawn mowers. Email me the links to models which are large sized and economical, so I can make the right choice.

Calling a Plumber?

We have a leaky faucet in the kitchen and it’s been a week since we called the plumbing service close by. Please find out the closest plumbers to us, in the Bronx area, who can deal with the problem. We need a cost-effective plumber who is experienced. Do study the list of requirements we have emailed you and choose the plumbing service accordingly.


Nothing makes a journey an unhappy one, more than a mismanaged travel itinerary. Our VAs understand the value of your time and whether it’s making travel plans or managing the schedule, they are up to the challenge. So, travel without a care in the world because our VAs go the distance, when it comes to excellent planning and effective execution.

Booking Flight Tickets?

We are planning a trip to Barbados. Book us two flight tickets in economy class for the 17:00 EST United Airlines flight from Chicago. My husband Sam and I will need advanced reservations at the Sheraton hotel as well from 18th May to 30th May. Please keep in touch with me on Skype regarding the progress.

Canceling Air Tickets?

I need to reach Singapore by the evening flight, not the morning one. Currently, I am booked on SIA flight A1345 for 0800 hours on 17th June and need to reschedule the travel plans. Please cancel my ticket no.17-B in the Executive class and recover the money paid, once the fee has been levied on it. Get Singapore Airlines to refund my ticket as per the permitted surcharge. Make sure the money is credited into my account. Forward me the refund receipt on my iPad at the email I have given you.

Planning a Holiday?

I want to visit Adelaide for the first time in my life. I’m an adventure seeker and travel buff, with a deep interest in nature. Do list the places I need to check out at this Aussie city. I would also like you to research If there are any nature parks in Adelaide I can visit, and the tourist fee charged for the same.

Rescheduling Travel Plans?

I need you to book me on the economy class coach from Orlando, Florida to St. Paul in Minnesota for 19th May instead of 5th May. Please cancel the bus ticket for 5th and book me a fresh seat for the 19th. The fare is the same, so apply for a refund and bill me the amount for the fresh booking. I would prefer a morning coach, but if it is unavailable, I don’t mind an evening service either.




When It’s Personal, Not Just Business

When it comes to meeting task requirements, every small detail counts. That is why our VAs excel at creating the perfect solution for your personal requests and tasks. Our virtual assistants can help with any and ever personal requirement that come up along the way.

From finding the perfect wedding venue to the best birthday gift, there’s literally no task our VAs cannot handle. Each personal task is more than just business, for our virtual assistants, because we value our clients. Putting the client’s needs first, our virtual assistants will pursue each personal task with the dedication, commitment and sincerity this requires.

A Birthday Gift

I’m having a real problem choosing the right birthday gift for my cousin Annabelle. Can you look up some good gifting ideas online, so my present is really special? Please do mail me some great ideas, so that my cousin’s birthday is memorable for the right reasons.

A Wedding Venue

John, my best friend, is getting married this month. We need to find the perfect outdoor wedding venue to make the event even more special. Look out for a perfect setting, with good climate. It’s a destination wedding, so choose an exotic location. Do book the venue once we approve it and send me the bill for your expenses.

A Retail Purchase

I’m going on a mountain climbing trip to Mount Everest and need special shoes for this. Go to Nike, Reebok and Adidas online stores and narrow down the list of choices to the top 3 for each store. Mail me the links to the shoe models and categories you find suitable. Once I approve the final choice, place a COD order for me.

A Magazine Subscription

I have a one-year old subscription to Marie Claire magazine and it expires this June. Please renew my subscription with this magazine. I’ll provide my debit card details to you for the online payment. Be sure to mail me the receipt, once you have renewed the subscription.


Work is work and there’s no two ways about it. Make the switch from a to-do list to one that’s done and done, with our VAs to help you every step of the way. Whether it’s a conference call, a meeting, an inbox management task or a business seminar, there’s literally no administrative, travel, accounting or recruitment function our VAs cannot excel at. Make work pleasure and choose our virtual assistance services to handle all your work commitments, targets, deadlines and challenges on time every time.

Arranging a Conference

Our head of marketing, Kyla Jones will be presiding over a conference in Rhode Island this weekend. Please make the arrangements for booking the hall at the World Trade Center there for the 19th of this month. Also make sure the entire marketing department is informed about the conference two weeks in advance. I will be providing you a list of their email IDs. Mail them and CC me for every conference reminder you send.

Decluttering the Inbox

After the release of our new product, Brinko beer, we have been flooded with requests for a fresh stock. I currently have 146 emails in my inbox. I want you to go through each email and categorize it as trash, spam or a legitimate request accordingly. As this is my professional email, I would be providing you conditional access only. Just go through each mail and see which ones are from customers in need of a fresh batch of Brinko.

Managing the Tax Returns

I have to file my company’s income tax returns and need you to download the relevant forms from the excise department. I will be providing you with the details. Download Form 78-b and 78-d for filing my returns and prepare my accounts for the last quarter.

Designing a Marketing Campaign

We have just launched a new line of blushers and toners and we need a  marketing campaign that will grab the eyeballs. Come up with a beauty themed discount deal after researching our competitors, Sephora and Lakme online. Do prepare a rough campaign, with a tagline, some marketing content and a powerful marketing message and email it to me by 2 pm tomorrow.

So, trust our VAs to come up with the best ways to match your needs. When it comes to getting all your tasks done, our virtual assistants are up to any and every challenge. AssistTree VAs can handle the most important personal tasks and pressing requirements in record time. At AssistTree, no task is too small or mundane. We value each client’s time and requirements, and our virtual assistants are committed to providing exceptional services that make a difference.

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