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Are you a startup starting out? Is your growing business in need of support? Assisttree can make a difference where it counts the most. Professional assistance to entrepreneurs is what we excel at. Capturing the entrepreneurial spirit in a nutshell, we convert challenges into opportunities. Helping organizations to implement and create meaningful programs for entrepreneurs and their businesses to grow

Challenges a lot of entrepreneurs face include:
. Not knowing how to prioritize tasks and structure crucial activities
. Not understanding how to focus on growth and build networks for team and business contacts.
. Not focusing on the right factors to raise capital; this includes having the perfect pitch and the right funding source with investors who focus on value creation, not just valuation.
. Scaling to fresh markets or relocating business offices, requiring an understanding of the business ecosystems and market settings.
. Attract potential entrepreneurs and find the right partners and promising avenues of growth.
. Creation of entrepreneurship culture, processes and developing spin-offs
. Organization of non-formal creative environments of a startup community for employees
. Access to reliable sources of funding and full immersion into the startup ecosystem, scouting, selection and management of startups suiting corporation needs.

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Assisttree is a team of dedicated professionals with a wealth of experience in sourcing financial investors and mentors for your business to grow. We launch and contribute to startup growth through partnerships with venture capital funds, conferences, competitions, entrepreneurship support strategies, programs, incubators, business angel networks and startup accelerators.

We also work on knowing how to grow companies. We have a committed team that works with startups at different points in the life-cycle across industries. While working with stakeholders of entrepreneurship systems internationally and locally, we build an understanding of how your company can contribute to the wider industry and ecosystem, while growing.

Assessment of a startup or entrepreneurship support program is also another area Assisttree excels at. In-depth conversation, and information exchanges with startup development experts will pave the way for a strategic direction for growth and expansion.

Assisttree can make it happen. Contact us to know more about how we can help your business to grow from strength to strength.